Landfill studies to move forward
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Landfill studies to move forward

Ottawa East News

A new garbage facility near Carlsbad Springs or in Russell Township has moved closer to approval, but not without resistance from two community groups.

The proposed Capital Region Resource Recovery Centre may be built by Taggart Miller on one of two proposed sites: in Russell or near Boundary Road within City of Ottawa limits.

In late December, the Ministry of the Environment has approved Taggart Miller’s terms for an environmental assessment, which outline the studies and consultations required before the facility can be approved.

Residents in both areas have been vocal in speaking out against the facility, forming Dump the Dump and Dump this Dump 2 groups; one for each proposed site.

The ministry’s most recent amendments added that Taggart Miller will need to hold “special workshops and technical sessions” for matters such as groundwater and noise.

It also specified that all public consultation sessions are to be offered in both French and English. Community groups had expressed concern that the terms of reference – a lengthy document – was only made available in English.



Last year, both community protest groups strongly encouraged residents to send in both a form letter and their own comments with oppositions and concerns about the proposals.

A document comprising nearly 700 pages includes comments from 769 people along with Taggart Miller’s responses.

“As a realtor in the area affected by this proposal and as a long time resident, I am entirely opposed to this for the sake of the residents’ health and the direct impact it would have on one of the biggest investments families will ever make – the value of their homes,” wrote one commenter, none of whom are identified by name.

Taggart Miller responded that a property value protection plan would be included in the environmental assessment.

Many citizens also expressed concern with the height of the water table and possible contamination of groundwater, as many nearby residents rely on well water.

The company said potential effects on groundwater will be examined during the geology, hydrogeology and geotechnical aspects of the environmental assessment.

“I am sick and tired of Carlsbad being the joke of the city of Ottawa,” another community member wrote to the ministry. “People want to sell and move before the dump is dumped on us. Please, please, please, put a stop to the project before it is too late!”

There were several lengthy comments that addressed the terms of reference in great detail, addressing issues such as traffic, fault lines and proximity to agricultural sites.

The comments and responses are easily accessible to anyone wishing to view them.

The proposed terms of reference and community feedback, with Taggart Miller responses, are available at The comments can be found at the link entitled “CRRRC TOR public comment table.”

The timeline for an environmental assessment of this nature is often fairly lengthy, and residents shouldn’t expect to see studies results for at least several months.

The group opposing the Boundary Road site in the city of Ottawa, Dump This Dump 2, has a website at

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