Kanata house shot with pellet gun
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Kanata house shot with pellet gun

Ottawa East News

A Bridlewood couple is facing thousands of dollars in repair costs after their house was shot multiple times by someone with a pellet gun.

John and Sonia Talbot were both at home at the time of the attack on Tuesday, Jan. 29, but neither saw the perpetrators.

Sonia, who was downstairs, said she heard a sound like “nails dropping to the ground” from the backyard around 3 p.m. and went to investigate, adding she didn’t see anything suspicious. John, who had surgery for pancreatic cancer last year, was taking a nap in an upstairs bedroom and didn’t hear anything.

It wasn’t until 5 p.m. that Sonia noticed the two pellet holes in the master bedroom’s window upstairs and the four impact holes in the house’s siding.

“Those things don’t make a lot of noise,” she said, adding she called police right away to file a report.

This type of mischief is usually seen in the summer, said Const. Lori Fahey, Kanata and Stittsville’s community police officer.

According to police media relations, at least two houses in the Orléans area were hit with a pellet gun a couple of weeks ago.

The Bridlewood file has been closed by police and no suspects were identified.

There is a city bylaw that makes it illegal for people to shoot any type of firearm, including pellet guns, Airsoft guns and paintball guns, in or near a subdivision.

“To all the parents who think they can trust their child with a BB gun, I have a $3,300 dollar repair bill to fix two holes in an upstairs window and many holes in the siding around it that will prove you otherwise,” said John. “Somebody decided it would be fun to use the back of our house as target practice. From the damage that was done, this could have seriously hurt someone. We were lucky we were not by the window when they fired the shots.

“I fear that while they may have appeared to get away with this act of violence, next time things could be very different. Someone you or they care about could be critically injured.”


A contractor estimated it would cost $3,300 to fix the Talbots’ window and siding, said John. The repairs will have to wait for the spring and better weather, he added.

The pellets didn’t penetrate all three layers of the glass panes but left small holes in the outer layer and pieces of glass shattered between the first and second panes.

“The power to go through that window is quite something,” said John, adding they replaced their windows around three years ago. “If it was the older window it surely would have (gone right through).”

The house backs onto a path and hydro corridor used by students to walk to and from schools, the closest being Bridlewood Community Elementary School.

“There’s been some serious damage to the properties along the path,” John said, adding their front porch was the victim of an egg attack in the past and a neighbour’s vehicle windows were broken.

The community has a Neighbourhood Watch but after talking with neighbours no one witnessed the latest attack.

“This is something on purpose,” said Sonia. “I don’t think we have anyone that hates us ... I think it was done as a group thing to impress other kids.”

She added that the couple hopes someone will step forward with information about the attack.

“Most kids don’t think about consequences ... Maybe not until they own their own house or have their own kids,” she said. “The way I see it, some of these kids start off stealing gnomes or throwing eggs. I’m worried about it escalating.”

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