New medical centre opening in Orléans this fall
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New medical centre opening in Orléans this fall

Ottawa East News

With residents settled into new developments and communities still growing, Orléans has one of the greatest demands in Ottawa for medical services, said an official with a new medical clinic.

“It’s growing, but it’s also already grown,” said Tenth Line Medical Centre assistant director Alejandro Almendrades. “People are already living there. It’s growing, and there’s nothing there really. For us, that area of Orléans is so ripe for expansion.”

The Tenth Line Medical Centre will open this fall, attached to the Shoppers Drug Mart at Tenth Line Road and Brian Coburn Boulevard, and will begin accepting new patients in October or November.

The Tenth Line clinic will be able to manage about 20,000 new patients.

The owner of clinic already opened a location in February, in the south end of the city in Findlay Creek.

The Tenth Line location will follow the same structure as Findlay Creek, which is currently is home to general practitioners, nurses, an audiologist, a psychologist and will soon to have an ob-gyn in the fall.

The building also has a lab for registered patients, a day surgery room for minor surgeries such as cyst removal and houses an affiliated massage therapy and chiropractic clinic next door.

Tenth Line will also have a lab for registered patients, and while they have eight general practitioners committed for the fall, they hope to expand to include an audiologist and psychologist.

The medical centre in Findlay Creek has been well received, with about 7,500 patients registering with one of the family doctors since opening.

Almendrades said demand has been very high for services and they’ve received calls from as far away as Kingston to enquire about the availability of family doctors. He expects everyone in Orléans who wishes to sign up with one of the Tenth Line doctors to be able to do so.

The Tenth Line site will not be a walk-in clinic and patients will have to be registered with one of the doctors in order to receive care. There will be hours reserved for urgent care cases and the clinic will have evening and weekend appointments available.

The clinic doesn’t have a firm opening date yet, but it will be this coming fall, and will open for several registration days in advance of opening.

More information on registration can be found at or on the clinic’s Facebook page.


Almendrades said that the medical clinic isn’t a replacement for the Orléans Family Health Hub, which is supposed to be built in the near future. The timeline for the health hub is less than definite.

“We want to be able to service people now,” Almendrades said. “We’re looking to work with them when they open. The scale is so different.”

The Orléans Family Health Hub is being overseen by the Champlain Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), and will have primary and continuing care. Services haven’t been confirmed, but could include cancer treatments, mental health care, day procedures and specialty clinics, as well as general practitioners.

Ontario’s government committed $60 million towards the project in August 2011, when it was expected to have a 2013 opening, but no new developments have been announced by the Champlain LHIN since the funding.

A media spokesperson for the Champlain LHIN said they could not provide a timeline for the hub, but said there will be more information available later this month.

The Orléans Family Health Hub will be located at Brian Coburn Boulevard and Mer Bleue Road, which is little more than a kilometre from the Tenth Line Medical Centre’s site.

Ottawa-Orléans MPP Phil McNeely said the departure of CEO Alex Munter from the Champlain LHIN set the health hub project back, but planning has resumed.

“The new CEO is doing a great job in getting things rolling, but there was a period of a setback there,” McNeely said. “I think it’s going to be a great facility, but we might have to wait a bit longer than 2013 (for completion).”

McNeely said health hub will employ a staff of about 100 within several months of opening, and the range of services and specialists will compliment the Tenth Line doctors. 

“We’ll benefit from having more GPs down the road,” he said. “It’ll be like a hospital, attracting specialists, so the more doctors in the area the better.”

McNeely said the health hub will hopefully serve the needs of seniors, who may require multiple different doctors or specialists.

He echoed the LHIN in adding that there would be more information surrounding the health hub released in the coming weeks.

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