Hamlet pair have high hopes for Amazing Race
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Feb 22, 2013  |  Vote 0    0

Hamlet pair have high hopes for Amazing Race

Ottawa East News

They’ve already survived their first challenge – filming an application video on the Rideau Canal in -35 C degree weather. 

Sarah Cloutier and Marie-France Lavigne are putting their hats forward to be one of the teams selected for Amazing Race Canada, a game show that sees duos trek across the country completing challenges along the way, with last-place teams facing elimination.

If the show mirrors the American version, there will be 12 pairs selected for the final show. Unlike the American version, the Canadian show will see teams travel across Canada, not internationally. 

“Now that I’m retired, I don’t want to do anything that isn’t fun,” Cloutier said. 

Cloutier, 62, is retired and Lavigne, 53, still works as a mortgage broker, but they are older than the average contestants. 

Cloutier laughs when she sees contestants 20 years younger than her pegged as the “old” people on the show by comparing themselves to the youngest contestants.

“I don’t think there’s anyone as old as me,” she said, of the application videos she has watched on YouTube. 

Both say they’re kept young by their younger group of friends and Blackburn-based softball team. 

And they say they’ve both still got what it takes and are active year-round whether they are skiing, hiking or playing capture the flag in the summer at the cottage. 

And they’ve got the bilingual advantage, both having grown up in northern Ontario. They predict there will be a point in the race where contestants end up in a francophone part of the country and those who can understand the language will have a major advantage. 

They don’t exactly know what the show’s producers will be looking for. There may be the usual stereotypes – the hunky 20-somethings, the mother-daughter combo, the newlyweds. 

So they are trying to develop a following as the “Golden Girls”, and are getting lots of likes and comments on their video application posted on YouTube. 

Their application shows the ladies fooling around on the canal, going for a slide down a hill, and relaxing in the hot tub. 

They said that the video shows just a small slice of both of their active lifestyles. Cloutier has travelled across Canada several times and Lavigne backpacked through Europe.

The discussion of who would do what has already started as well. While Cloutier has anything to do with heights or eating weird food covered, Lavigne is ready to take on any confusing driving challenges. Both women credit years as realtors without GPS devices for excellent navigational skills.

Producers will be choosing the top teams to interview sometime in March, with a decision coming in the spring.

To view Cloutier and Lavigne’s application video, visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rq3w9jXnYjk

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