Former exotic dancer says accused in murder trial...
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Former exotic dancer says accused in murder trial kept all her money in safe

Orleans News

By the time she was ready to move out of Carson Morin’s apartment, she was texting him just to get access to bus money, the former exotic dancer said during her testimony in Morin’s trial. He’s accused in the first-degree murder of Michael Wassill.

The woman, who cannot be named due to a publication ban, detailed the downfall of her relationship with Morin on Feb. 13 and 14. 

It’s alleged that Wassill was killed after Morin came looking for the woman at his Orléans home in May 2013, armed with a box cutter and blue surgical gloves. 

When the woman moved in with Morin to his St. Joseph and Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard area condo, she immediately started working as an exotic dancer at the Nu Den off St. Laurent. She would return home, giving him the money from the shifts to store in a safe. He was deducting money for rides to and from the strip club, rent, groceries and utilities. 

She said he had a dancing pole and large mirrors installed in a second bedroom, which she said she thought was a gift from him, but later found out he took money from her profits at the Nu Den to pay for the pole and mirrors. 

At first, she said she was fine with the money, including cash from her marijuana-dealing business, going in the safe, but she would have to ask him to take money out for things, such a toaster she bought for the condo. 

When Morin encouraged the woman to recruit other friends to move into the condo and begin a similar arrangement she had with him, things started to sour. 

“He said it would make things a lot easier on him,” she said. “He told me I would teach them … as he put it, I would be his main girl.” 

One of the friends the woman invited over was being flirtatious and getting too much attention from Morin, despite the woman having told her about her own feelings for Morin. 

The woman testified she later came back to the condo to find the pair together, and said she lost her cool. 

By May 1, not even two weeks after the woman had moved in, she said she didn’t have romantic feelings for Morin anymore, and they were fighting. 

“It went overboard,” she texted to one of her friends.

“What happened to me being able to ask for my money?” she texted Morin at one point. 

Wassill, a platonic friend of hers, told her she could come and stay with him any time she needed. 

On May 9, she picked up her things from Morin’s condominium and moved her things to Wassill’s house. 

“(Wassill) said, ‘You’re safe here,” she said. “You don’t need to worry anymore. 

Morin texted her that she owned him $1,500 for the pole and mirrors, plus money for various other things, including car maintenance and gas, for a total of $3,580. 

“Please don’t act like money grows on trees,” he said in a text message. 


Despite the volatile relationship, they decided that he’d continue to drive her to work, and she would continue to pay him for transportation. 

But Morin took half of the money she earned dancing two consecutive nights after she moved in with Wassill, to her opposition, the woman alleged. 

“I was the one who started this for you, so you owe me this,” the woman said he told her as he took half the money she made, which was between $400 to $800 a shift. 

“He said this is what I have to do,” she said. “He threw my purse at the window. I was in tears.”

The trial will resume on Feb. 15. The woman is expected to continue her testimony. 

Morin has pleaded not guilty to the charges. 

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