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Columns | Jan 18, 2017

Trump knows you better than you know yourself

As president-elect Donald Trump prepares his inauguration address, many of us up here in Canada are scratching our heads:...

Ottawa West News | by Brynna Leslie
Opinion | Jan 11, 2017

Valid concerns about policing in Ottawa

Policing is changing in Ottawa. In fact, organizational changes have already been rolling out behind the scenes and...

Ottawa South News
Columns | Jan 11, 2017

Are you up for the Canada 150 fitness challenge?

Staying fit becomes a way of life

Kanata Kourier-Standard | by Brynna Leslie
Opinion | Jan 11, 2017

Challenge for the new year: smart car meets dumb street

When you look at the early headlines of 2017 you can be forgiven for thinking that this year might not be much of an...

Orleans News | by Charles Gordon
Letters | Jan 05, 2017

Between a rock and a snail's pace

To the editor, This is just a comment on Charles Gordon's column "2016: you're welcome to it." As usual, Charles has a...

Nepean Barrhaven News
Opinion | Jan 04, 2017

Under 16? Adult supervision required

In recent conversations with my dad, I heard some great stories about his childhood. On summer mornings in the ’50s, he and...

Ottawa West News | by Brynna Leslie
Columns | Dec 28, 2016

Game of shinny was a memorable one this time around

Two Mile Herman arrived mid-morning on horseback with his snow shovel strapped to his back. The once-a-year game of shinny...

Ottawa East News | by Mary Cook
Opinion | Dec 28, 2016

The year that was, and you’re welcome to it

January: Pick-and-pay system for cable television subscribers begins. It will completely fail to revolutionize television...

Kanata Kourier-Standard | by Charles Gordon

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