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Opinion | Feb 24, 2017

Talking to kids about fentanyl

Several months ago when my eldest son was 11, he got into some trouble with a supply teacher. The teacher had asked how many...

Ottawa East News | by Brynna Leslie
Editorial | Feb 23, 2017

A truly Canadian voice silenced

Stuart McLean of CBC radio’s Vinyl Café was a Canadian superstar. And what did he do? He simply told stories. Yes,...

Stittsville News | by John Curry
Editorial | Feb 22, 2017

Fixing school funding must be a priority

Closing a school is never a popular decision. Ottawa-Carleton District School Board trustees have voted to close six...

Ottawa West News
Columns | Feb 17, 2017

Capital Muse column

There is something magical about watching a child sit down with an instrument and be able to play. For many years, I...

Ottawa East News | by Brynna Leslie
Columns | Feb 15, 2017

Mrs. Beam’s cure-all more effective and cheaper than Dr. Murphy

Mother and Aunt Bertha were sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of tea.

Ottawa West News | by Mary Cook
Columns | Feb 15, 2017

Tennis comeback may get traction from Davis Cup

Most of the headlines that came out of the weekend of Davis Cup tennis in Ottawa dealt with the disqualification of a young...

Ottawa West News | by Charles Gordon
Opinion | Feb 15, 2017

Refugees are not a security threat

Thousands of former Syrian refugees are about to celebrate their first year living in Canada as Canadians.

Ottawa West News | by Brynna Leslie
Opinion | Feb 09, 2017

The future of Canada's media

If you are reading this, then you should be interested in the recently-released report commissioned by the federal...

Kanata Kourier-Standard | by John Curry

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