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Opinion | Jan 11, 2017

Valid concerns about policing in Ottawa

Policing is changing in Ottawa. In fact, organizational changes have already been rolling out behind the scenes and...

Ottawa South News
Editorial | Dec 21, 2016

Kids are the true stars of Christmas

In a world in which bad news often overwhelms the good, it is so easy to be cynical.

Ottawa South News
Opinion | Dec 14, 2016

Getting over the Grinch with gratitude

With a little over a week until Christmas, I’m in a rather Grinch-like mood. As we wander the shopping malls and the...

Orleans News | by Brynna Leslie
Editorial | Nov 30, 2016

Never beyond hope in Haiti

Haiti is a long way from Ottawa. For a community newspaper, an invitation to the small Caribbean nation at first seemed...

Ottawa West News | by Staff
Editorial | Sep 21, 2016

Back to the drawing board on Château Laurier addition plan

The proposal for a modern looking addition to the iconic Fairmont Château Laurier hotel brings to mind the old saying “I know...

Ottawa East News
Opinion | Aug 31, 2016

City and police agree to keep public in the dark

It’s funny how those whose paycheques are paid for by the public hate it when the public gets a glimpse into the inner...

Nepean Barrhaven News
Aug 10, 2016

Hazy pot rules becoming a joke

The organic growth of the pot dispensary business across Canada has almost been laughable — almost.

Ottawa South News | Add Comment
Jul 27, 2016

Sports will win out

It’s always easier to by cynical than to expect the best of a challenging situation.

Ottawa West News | Add Comment | by Staff
Jun 22, 2016

Ailing MP rises rto the occasion

Every time Ottawa-Vanier MP Mauril Belanger is seen in public these days it is a shocking sight.

Ottawa East News | Add Comment
Jun 15, 2016

Public safety should be priority No. 1

There was good news on the morning of June 8 when the earth opened up and a massive sinkhole swallowed a section of Rideau...

Orleans News | Add Comment
Jun 08, 2016

It’s good to think big

It’ll be a big day when Canada turns 150.

Ottawa East News | Add Comment
Jun 01, 2016

Sens and city win with Phillips

It was expected. The May 26 retirement of Chris Phillips as an NHL player was a day of celebration in more ways than one.

Nepean Barrhaven News | Add Comment
May 25, 2016

Mooney's Bay Park plan becomes PR disaster for city

It should have been a good news story, but instead has become a public relations disaster.

Ottawa South News | Add Comment
May 18, 2016

Province must make sure Metrolinx keeps costs in line

The provincial government has used blackmail to get major centres in Ontario to use the Metrolinx operated Presto payment...

Kanata Kourier-Standard | Add Comment
May 09, 2016

Toronto Star's View: Mauril Bélanger’s brave fight for a more inclusive national anthem

The Liberal MP, who suffers from ALS, is bravely fighting for the just cause of a gender-neutral ‘O Canada’

OurWindsor.Ca | Add Comment
May 04, 2016

Start your voting research now

The Liberal party made an election promise to change the way we vote, and the Trudeau government appears ready to keep that...

Kanata Kourier-Standard | 1 Comment | by Staff

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