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Letters | Feb 24, 2017

Letter re concerns about hydro pricing

Dear editor: My wife and I moved to Ontario three years ago in preparation for our retirement, relocating to a rural...

West Carleton Review | by Alan Dickie
Letters | Feb 17, 2017

Letter about West Carleton Review

As a loyal reader and frequent contributor to the West Carleton Review reporting on Rural Root Theatre, I am very pleased to...

West Carleton Review | by Helen Weelen
Letters | Feb 16, 2017

Letter about editorial about Quebec City tragedy

Dear editor, I just read the editorial in the Feb. 9 issue of the Stittsville News about the Quebec City...

Stittsville News | by John Curry
Letters | Feb 15, 2017

Please, Mr. Gordon, stop!

To the editor, I do not read every single opinion piece by Charles Gordon, but when I do, I find that he is often...

Orleans News | by Michael Chiviendacz
Letters | Feb 13, 2017

Kanata South also struggles with poor bus schedules

To the editor, I recently read your article concerning Kanata North residents being extremely upset over the replacement...

Kanata Kourier-Standard | by Bonny Campbell
Letters | Feb 13, 2017

Stretch of Bayview Drive is beyond repair

Dear editor, Further to David Johnston’s report on potholes in the Jan. 26 issue of the West Carleton Review, I have...

West Carleton Review | by John Curry
Feb 09, 2017

City had plenty of time to plan ahead

To the editor, Are you aware that the present development in Kanata North has been in the planning stages for 14 years?...

Kanata Kourier-Standard | Add Comment | by Colleen FRaser
Feb 07, 2017

Liberals let us down on election reform

I see that our prime minister announced an end to the process to develop a more fair election process.

Kanata Kourier-Standard | Add Comment | by Jake Cole
Feb 07, 2017

Farm vehicles should watch for hydro lines

In the dead of winter, most of us are not thinking about farm vehicles being on the road.

West Carleton Review | Add Comment | by Lori Jones
Feb 06, 2017

Thanks from West Carleton Food Access Centre

Dear editor: The West Carleton Food Access Centre would like to thank everyone who donated food and/or money or...

West Carleton Review | Add Comment | by Mary Braun
Feb 03, 2017

Gun control

In light of those horrific shootings in Quebec City that left six dead and numerous others injured, many Canadians will...

Ottawa West News | 1 Comment | by Emile Therien
Jan 31, 2017

Cruel winter clear cut must stop

To the editor, Re: “Petition calls for halt to KNL tree cutting,” OttawaCommunityNews.com, Jan. 23. I signed the...

Kanata Kourier-Standard | Add Comment | by Julie Comber
Jan 31, 2017

City cherry-picking wildlife protocol measures

The wildlife mitigation measures the city says it’s following have been carefully cherry picked from its “Protocol for...

Kanata Kourier-Standard | Add Comment | by Andrea Sedgwick
Jan 31, 2017

City, developer miss opportunity to showcase best practices

Mayor Jim Watson and the city council agreed to the “Protocol for Wildlife Protection during Construction.” The protocol was...

Kanata Kourier-Standard | Add Comment | by Anita Utas
Jan 31, 2017

Restorative compensation an excellent idea

As one of the concerned citizens who signed this petition, I want to clarify that the petition did not originate from...

Kanata Kourier-Standard | Add Comment | by Judy Makin
Jan 25, 2017

Letter: OC Transpo changes make things worse

Thanks for covering OC Transpo transit issues in Kanata — these are daily hardships that commuters are enduring and...

Kanata Kourier-Standard | Add Comment

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