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Healthy eyes

Preventing infection and injury can be simple if you avoid these bad habits that can hurt your eyes.

6 bad habits that are hurting your eyes

"Don't sit so close to the'll hurt your eyes!" No adult living today would have escaped hearing this oft-repeated warning.

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Goulbourn gardens highlighted on tour

Peter Jordan points out the abundant and green growth on his vegetable garden using the Seed Haven product which he and a neighbour invented and are now marketing to Sarah Sprague, a visitor to the Jordan home during the Stittsville Goulbourn Horticultural Society's self-guided garden tour June 27.

Goulbourn gardens highlighted on tour

It was garden time in Goulbourn last Saturday. Twelve gardens with varying features were open for viewing and inspection in a self-guided...

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Last class leaves Munster Elementary School

Celebrating the presentation of grade 5 leaving certificates at Munster Elementary School are, from left, teacher D. Hallard, principal R. Shields, Felicite McDonald (holding Rufus the school mascot), Nolan Bell, Brena Irvine, Zoe Richardson, Taylor Hobbs, Emily Fisher, Caleb Brydges, teachers D. Anderson and C. Nicholson.

Last class graduates from Munster Elementary School

Seven students marched not only off to middle school but also into history at the leaving ceremony at Munster Elementary School on...

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Dangerous intersection

The intersection at Mitch Owens and Manotick Station Road has been considered a dangerous one by residents for years. Finally Ottawa will be doing something about the issue and plans to install traffic lights at the intersection are in the works.

City sees the light on Manotick Station

The most notorious intersection in south Ottawa could soon have a traffic light if Coun. George Darouze gets his way.

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Medieval Festival in Osgoode

There will be a great deal to see, do and learn at this year’s Osgoode Medieval Festival. The fun is on July 11 and 12. There will be educational events to allow children to see and experience what it was like to live back in medieval times.

Medieval festival ready to thrill in Osgoode

Osgoode's Medieval Festival slated for July 11 and 12.

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Soapbox derby in Manotick

This summer's soapbox derby in Manotick will be offering more opportunitys to children.

Derby offers special needs kids chance to participate in race day

This summer’s soapbox derby in Manotick is going to be a special one for kids with special needs.

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Architecture award

The Beaverbrook Branch of the Ottawa Public Library has received an award from the Ontario Library Association for its $10 million re-design, which includes tall windows at its façade and a concrete mural by local artist Chris Griffin which features Blanding’s turtles both in the mural and as 3-D sculptures leading inside the building.

New Beaverbrook library receives architecture award

The recently redesigned Beaverbrook library has caught attention on a provincial scale, being chosen as one of four Ontario libraries to...

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Ottawa Fire Department

Two off duty firefighters tried to revive a pedestrian, who died after he was hit on Highway 417 on Canada Day.

Pedestrian dies after trying to cross Highway 417 on Canada Day

Canada Day ended tragically for an unidentified young man, who died after he was walking on Highway 417 late at night, police said.

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News From Beyond Ottawa Region


Ombudsman looks into paramedic PTSD

Ombudsman investigating Toronto Paramedic Services for stress injury incidents



Nuisance bears finding trouble across country

Close your doors: nuisance bears find trouble across country



Child falls from Toronto balcony; will survive

Child in hospital after falling from 8th-floor balcony in Toronto: paramedics



Collision with boat kills motorcyclist

Motorcyclist dead after colliding with boat being towed



Rob Ford can return to work 1-2 days a week

Rob Ford can work 1-2 days a week as he recovers from cancer surgery: doctors



Federal infrastructure funds flowing slowly

Data show Conservatives using infrastructure fund as campaign fodder: Goodale


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MORE From Ottawa Region


Hyperparenting is ruining our kids’ health

After two days of summer camp at a city-run recreation centre, my son asked if I could pull him out...



You all know the drill

This is the week when we gather together to celebrate Canada or just run off to the country and let...



The morning shave became a captivating event

Tommy Rohr was that wonderful farm hand who wandered in off the tracks one day.


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