Different types of lawn mowers
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Different types of lawn mowers

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Whether you’re looking to maintain your back lawn over the summer months or you’ve got a sizeable property that needs regular upkeep, the wide range of lawn mower models, brands, and prices means there’s a machine out there to meet your requirements.  

Lawn mowers fall under two main categories—the walk-behind variety and riding mowers. As the name suggests, walk-behind mowers are pushed over the lawn. Ideal for small properties, reel walk-behind mowers are the traditional engine-free models where horizontal blades powered by the movement of the mower cut the grass.

Rotary models are engine-powered, and operate on electricity, batteries, or gas. Their speed, convenience, and usefulness over different terrain has virtually pushed more traditional reel models into extinction.

When shopping for a walk-behind model, important considerations are the size of your lawn, the type of terrain you’ll be mowing, and your price range. A well-cared for machine should last between ten and fifteen years.

The second class of mowers are riding machines which include lawn models and the increasingly popular zero turns. The mowing deck of riding models is much larger than that of walk behinds, so If you’ve got a large lawn to mow, a riding mower can mean substantial savings in terms of time.

Lawn models have mowing decks that lie below the tractor whereas on zero turns the deck is located at the front of the mower. Unlike lawn models, zero turns feature two arms instead of a steering wheel to control the movement of the machine. This means it’s never necessary to go over the same patch of grass twice, and that the job gets done much faster. For this reason, zero-turn models are becoming the best choice for large lawns.

If you live in the Ottawa area and you’re on the market for a lawn mower, Smiths Equipment Centre offers a variety of walk-behind and riding models. They also work with a wide range of other equipment and implements. Visit them online at http://www.smithsequip.com or contact them directly at 613-283-4466 or at chad@smithsequipment.com

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