How to prepare yourself in case of an emergency...
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How to prepare yourself in case of an emergency while waiting for a tow truck

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Abrams Towing, located in Ottawa, recognized as the largest towing service in Canada aim to be the leader in providing outstanding customer service during emergency situations by remaining prompt, proactive and efficient. Being in an emergency situation when your car is not working can be overwhelming, especially when you need to get somewhere fast. This is why Abrams Towing leverages their expertise and specialized towing vehicles to get their customers out of problematic situations, in any type of weather conditions.

To always be prepared, keep cell phones charged in case of emergency as you need to have an accessible way to contact a local towing service. Always retain their number in your phone contact file. Equip your car with an emergency kit such as a blanket, proper winter clothing, a flashlight, small shovel, scraper and snowbrush and antifreeze.

Avoid stopping in bad places on the road such as hills and blind curves, which may put yourself and other drivers at risk. If possible, alert other drivers that you are stopping by placing your hazard lights on and when the road is clear, pull over. Contact someone to notify them of the emergency. Check to make sure that traffic is clear and then open the hood of your car. If your car happens to overheat, raise the trunk lid of your car to avoid getting burned. If you are stuck on the highway, stay in your car and keep your seatbelt on but warn other drivers using hazard lights. Do not forget to keep the doors and windows of your car closed to retain heat.

In all instances, remain calm until a tow truck arrives. Stay warm and safe. Remember to always have a strategic plan in place in case your vehicle does break down. Abrams Towing has excellent equipment and staff to ensure that you are taken care during your travels.

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