The recovery specialists coming to the rescue on...
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The recovery specialists coming to the rescue on the road to drivers and passengers

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Abrams Towing, located in multiple locations throughout Ontario but known widely for its Ottawa location, has been recognized as Southern Ontario's recovery specialists aiding in crises situations on the road. You may have experienced witnessing catastrophes on the highway or road that have resulted from careless driving or harsh weather conditions. Using massive 50-ton wreckers, Abrams Towing recovers various sized vehicles from a small passenger car to a fully loaded tractor trailer. Their towing trucks boast a magnificent capacity and unbeatable strength to tackle any situation on the road.

When you view the photos illustrating a proven track record of successful recovery, you can be certain that you are in good hands with Abrams Towing recovery specialists. As you can see from the evidence, Abrams Towing has been instrumental in hefting to erect a loaded, overturned tanker truck or extricating a fully loaded cement mixer buried up to its axles in mud. Check out the interesting video of a heavy recovery of Weston and Highway 401.

Abrams Towing realizes the stress and hectic lifestyle of a truck driver in meeting aggressive deadlines and travelling far distances. Whether you are a truck driver, car driver or passenger, always be cognizant of road signs, road conditions, and carrying heavy loads that can affect smooth and safe driving as well as impede the safety of other drivers on the road. Truck drivers need to drive with absolute caution and follow the rules of the road while being mindful of the impacts of carrying heavy loads and minding harsh road conditions. Even in the summer, drivers tend to become careless which can result in speed driving and unexpected accidents.

Regardless of the situation, Abrams Towing has tended to roadside rescue urgently with a full commitment to clean up and recover as efficiently as possible.

Contact Abrams Towing  in Ottawa at 613.244.6000 for 24 hour roadside assistance. We are located at

513-211 Wurtemburg St, Ottawa.

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