What do you do if your car breaks down?
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What do you do if your car breaks down?

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While you may be aware of Abrams Towing Services  in Ottawa and their familiar red-and-white branded trucks, in the event you ever had to call them, what would you do?

If your vehicle is exhibiting problems of any kind while you're driving, make every effort to get to the right-hand shoulder of the road as quickly and safely as possible — especially if you’re on a highway. Try to coast along the shoulder until you’re away from any curves in the road behind you.

If you believe your car is still functional on some level, if you can, drive farther off the road. If you have a warning triangle or a battery-powered warning light, or even reflective markers, place them about 10 feet or more behind the vehicle to alert traffic and then get back in the car. If you don’t have lights or markers, either turn on the interior lights manually or leave the car door that’s away from traffic open so that the interior lights stay on. With your hazard lights flashing, remain in the vehicle and lock all doors. Avoid exiting your car. Use your mobile phone to call for roadside assistance — for Abrams Towing Services, call 613-707-3373 or toll-free at 1-800-267-4594.

To make your vehicle and its circumstance more visible, and before the tow truck arrives, there may be one or two additional things you could do — but only if they can be done safely. Do not take any risks; it’s not worth it.

Tie a cloth or rag, or even a neck tie, to your radio antenna or door handle, and then raise the hood to indicate you’ve broken down. Make other drivers aware that you are there and are experiencing some difficulty.

If you must, and the engine will start, especially during the winter, run the motor to gain some warmth. Do not, however, leave the engine on for extended periods to heat the vehicle. You could put yourself and any passengers at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Sit tight, remain calm, and make the best of your situation.

On call 24 hours a day, seven days each and every week, the Abrams team has the experience, technology and equipment to handle any situation in a safe, timely and efficient manner. Abrams Towing Services  is your towing resource in the city — regardless of your circumstances. Call 613-707-3373 or 1-800-267-4594, and they will restore order to your day. Follow them on Facebook  and Twitter.

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